HTML Tutorial Learn to Design a Website using HTML

twAll web pages that you see on the Internet use HTML to format its pages for display in a web browser. This is so whether the website is a shopping site, a search engine, a blog or a tutorial site like This tutorial is intended to be a systematic guide to teach you HTML from the ground up. It assumes no knowledge of HTML. By the end of this tutorial series, you’ll be confidently creating web pages by directly coding in HTML.

Preliminary Matters

  1. This is not the easiest way to create a website

    Hand coding a web page in HTML is not the easiest way to create a website. In fact, it’s probably the slowest and least efficient way, and, depending on your inclinations, possibly the most tedious. If all you want is to create a website, you may want to consider using a visual web editor to do the job instead. Visual web editors, also called WYSIWYG web editors (“What You See Is What You Get” editors), are computer programs that let you design websites without needing

What Sort of Website Should I Create In Order to Earn Money

qwaOver the years that I have run, I’ve had some visitors writing to me to ask what sort of website they should create in order to earn money. I hate to say it, but this sort of question has got the cart before the horse.

To put it bluntly, if a person were to take this attitude when creating a website, unless he/she is a seasoned webmaster with lots of know-how (in which case he/she won’t be asking me this question), chances are that the site won’t earn very much, if at all.

The question to ask is not whether people will give you money but whether you have anything original and useful to offer them. In a sense, cyberspace is an reflection of the real physical world. And no wonder, since the same real physical people surf it. Like things in the real world, if you have nothing to offer, others will have nothing to give you in return.

What Makes a Successful Webmaster?

I know that there are a lot of misconceptions going on about what you can earn from a website.

Can I Be My Own Domain Name Registrar So That I Can Avoid Paying Domain Renewal Fees Every Year

puAs you may or may not know, the task of creating a website usually begins with getting a domain from a registrar. (A domain is, loosely speaking, the address of your website. For example, the domain of the website you’re reading is “”.) This involves the payment of an annual fee to the domain name registrar. One of my visitors baulked (“balked” in US English) at the thought of having to make this recurring expense for the life of his site, and asked if it was possible for him to be his own registrar.

It’s More Expensive to be Your Own Registrar

If your aim is to save money, this solution will end up costing you more. Much more. A cursory look at the requirements of being a registrar shows the following costs:

  1. You have to pay an annual accreditation fee of something like USD $4,000 to ICANN, the organisation in charge of running the domain name system.
  2. You need to have a commercial insurance policy with a policy limit of at least USD $500,000.
  3. You have to pay ICANN a small yearly fee per domain name registered.

Web Design is Not Just for Large Businesses!

Wondering what a website can add to your small, local business that is running smooth through word-of-mouth or social media? The answer is-plenty. Compared to large businesses, it is hard to see why a small business might need website designing services. But if you want to get an edge over your competitors, increase the number of customers you get and offer them an enhanced overall experience, investment in web designing is a must!

Whether you have a rapidly growing bakery or a start-up boutique, you cannot underestimate the valueof a well-designed site that acts as a secret weapon in boosting your marketing and branding efforts.

Why should you invest in web designing?

  • Such services are effective for any company that wishes to expand, stay in business, get more sales and retain existing customers. It is a onetime investment that possess the power to helpbusinessesreach new heights
  • In today’s time, a professionally designed site is the most cost-effective method of creating a first impression for any new or expanding small business. Compared to handing out fancy business cards, itwill give you the opportunity to showcase your work to a wide number of Internet users, attracting more business
  • With majority of consumers showing interest

Use Colors Effectively For A Perfect Web Design

If you are planning to design your website with perfection and articulately, then maple care needs to be taken to select the colors effectively. Choosing the right color palette is crucial in order to communicate the right message and induce the potential customers to sell the products and services. You may have a favorite hue on your mind, but a wrong choice may prove to be disastrous for your site. Working with a leading web design company will most certainly get you the desirable results and help you select the right hues. In selecting the colors for your website, there are certain things you need to make a note of and a simple read through will most certainly clear your queries.

Access the mood and personality of the visitor

First and foremost, you need to check out and access the kind and type of visitors who will take interest in your online venture. Young people will be attracted to brighter hues, while the older population may find it to be garish. Strong color contrasts will also impact negatively. So, choose colors wisely and in this aspect hiring the services of a certified and experienced web design company are of paramount importance and

What Should be The Perfect Responsive Web Design be Like

The demand for responsive web design is nothing new. Because of furious outburst of increasing trend of mobile-optimized websites, a sense of mild challenge is introduced in the digital web market. What your customers usually experience on desktop websites gets miniature form in responsive web design, with all the content optimized to fit the screen and functionality of mobile display. Big things are minimized, long elements stretched narrow and everything else in between takes the compact and concise form.

This is how we all understand from responsive version of the website. Do you know there is more to this fundamental responsive design idea? Many factors need to be taken into consideration and a lot of efforts go into making a perfectly working responsive design. So what makes this design perfect? Run your eyes through the following discussion:

Secret Navigation

Since navigation forms the base of best user experience, its responsive structure demands extra care. How else will a customer quickly access their object of need without having a finest navigation menu? But you can make it hidden temporarily. When you make the menu secret unless clicked, the layout becomes easy to view and understand. One way of organizing a complicated menu is to

Get a Competitive Advantage Through a Responsive Design For Your Website

The days when internet could be accessed only through a computer are long behind us. In the present times, internet can be accessed through a number of devices like smart phones, tablets, iPad, and laptops, etc. These devices have made it very easy to browse through the internet no matter wherever you are. Due to the increasing use of such devices with varied screen sizes, the digital marketing practice of responsive website designing has gained prominence.

Meaning and advantages of this practice

If one visits the same website using two devices having different screen sizes, you can notice that there is a difference in the way it is presented on the screens. Usually a website is easier to navigate on a computer than on any hand held devices. This is where such a responsive design has its application, this technique aims at providing a company’s website with optimum navigation and interaction, and so a user can easily scroll and navigate through their website no matter what the screen size of the device used. In other words this is a method of web page designing that can help a company’s website be as easily navigable on any screen size, as it is on

The Impact of Web Design for a Successful Online Business

Nowadays, millions of people surf over the Internet to find and acquire what they need as per their lifestyle. Obviously, businessmen seek to take advantage of the scenario for their profit by contracting a well-renowned Web Design Company, New Zealand to get developed their websites, as it forms the medium to connect the prospective customers with them.

A well designed and interactive website helps the businessmen to promote or market their product/services. As it forms the first line of communication with their clients, it must create the best impression as the first impression always stays for long somewhere in the corner of the minds of the people. The greatest advantage of owning a website is its availability beyond time and geographical barriers.

The web development company, New Zealand helps to increase product knowledge, sell the products or services, generate leads, increase the popularity of the company, acquire more customers, set marketing trend, and, etc. The web development itself has emerged as an industry where the developers or the designers earn money by being competent and technologically ahead of the time.


A study reveals that design elements influence a lot in acquiring the trust among

Internet Marketing Website Design For Dentists

Why E-Marketing?

Dentistry is a growing field these days, with a number of people choosing it as their career path. Starting a business is no bed of roses and requires constant efforts to make it flourish and reach new heights. Marketing is just another way of communicating with the potential clients to sell your product. A modern technique of grabbing people’s attention is through internet marketing while allows the message to reach to the clients and patients more easily through properly designed channels. The medical market is extensive nowadays, which brings in more competition to your developing business. Reaching out to more and more clients is the fundamental aim of your dentistry practice, which can easily be achieved through e-marketing which offer various website design for dentist.

Who To Hire?


When it comes to hiring a professional web designer, a number of pointers need to be given importance to for the website to be of value. The designers must be well-trained in what they offer and should guide you throughout the process so that their creative skills and your medical proficiency add up to give a wonderfully informative outcome in the form of the

How to Make a Website Which Stands Out of Competition

Do relevant research

Before designing an attractive website, it is highly recommended by every web design company UAE that a useful research must be done. Your research areas must be very relevant in order to come up with the right idea of a website which benefits your target users. Once you have a productive idea, you can come up with a specification to solve problems of your audience.

Select a faultless design

Once you are clear with the purpose of the website and know what solutions are to offer, you then have to pay attention to the design which needs not only to be elegant & interactive but has to be professional and well organized. With a professional web design, it becomes possible and easy for your website to give life to your vision. For faultless and effective web design, you can contact a professional or expert web design company UAE.

Develop useful content

One thing you have to understand that the design phase of the website is absolutely incomplete without developing useful content. If your business website is deprived of informational content, your website cannot perform well and cannot attract your target

Web Design Tips to Help Beginners Drive Traffic to Their Website

Every business needs some kind of online presence. This is a crucial factor when it comes to marketing your business to online users. The main objective of building a website is to promote your products or services. In this regard, it is important to draw a maximum amount of visitors to your website.

The design of your website plays an important function is building a loyal audience. If you want your website to rank high in results of search engines, you can opt for a SEO-friendly design. Or else, you can consider following web design tips to boost visits to your site, resulting to maximum leads and revenue. To direct the greatest possible amount of visitors to your site, take a quick look at a number of web design tips meant for beginners.

Manage Your Content Effectively

From then till now, content is king, when it comes to the website world. However, having excellent content is useless if it is not properly used. This is when Web design comes to the rescue. It lets you manage your contents in the most effective way.

To attract the maximum amount of visitors, go for the proper

Hire Website Coders What Are The Advantages

Businesses often tend to hire best website programmers for their needs. Having a specialist programmer to help develop the applications necessary to promote and develop a business is necessary for every business. If you too need to hire website coders you can call on the services of e-Celtic.

Hiring a software professional is highly beneficial for businesses that are not IT based. Most businesses who are not into the field of software development either hire the services of a third party vendor or hire the services of a programmer who can work closely with the organizational teams to provide best in class solutions for application development needs. If you are looking forward to hire website coders or hire best website programmers for developing your apps, let’s take a look at some of the key advantages of hiring an individual programmer for your organization.

Pricing: If you hire website coders for your business, you can expect the cost of hiring a professional is cost effective when compared to hiring the services of a programming company. This is why many professionals recommend others to hire best website programmers for application development needs.

How to Select Keywords For Google AdWords

Few weeks ago I wrote an article on getting the most out of your Adwords account. In this article I will share some tips on how to select keywords for Adwords.

A good place to start with search engine marketing (SEM) is the use of keywords because that is how your customers find you, right?

If there is anything that you remember from this article, remember these 3 things:

  • Think holistically about the different ways that customers could reach you
  • Align your keywords and their management with your overall business outcomes
  • Delete your low search volume keywords

There are a few ways to develop a list of keywords for your AdWords campaign. Think of the words on the website, your services and products that you offer. What terms do you think your customers use to describe or search for you? What terms do your competitors use to be found?

Remember the story of the 3 bears? Goldilocks tried the porridge and one was too hot and another was too cold and one was juuust right. Well, you can think of keywords for AdWords in the same way. Some are too broad and some are too long

How to Add Background Music to Your Web Page

if you code your web pages using a text editor (as opposed to using a visual web editor like Dreamweaver), you may be wondering how you might go about adding background music to your web pages. While this is not a question I encounter often at, I do get the occasional music aficionado sending me this query, hence this article.

Issues Surrounding Background Music

Before you start, you should be aware that background music that automatically starts playing when a web page is loaded may not be appreciated by a large number of your visitors. Some of them, when greeted with the sudden blaring of music from their speakers, may immediately hit the BACK button of their browsers. This may occur even if you’re playing a piece of music that you think is well loved by everyone: remember, there are people who surf the Internet in public libraries, at work, or in the dead of the night when others are asleep. Others may already have their favourite (“favorite” in US English) piece of music playing on their computer speakers, and your auto-playing music file will only cause them to be annoyed.

Even if you

The Paralysis of Choice and How to Improve Sales and Customer Satisfaction

Some time ago, Barry Schwatz gave a talk on “The Paralysis of Choice: Why More is Less” (dealing with the same material as his book, The Paradox of Choice). The talk was illuminating in that it dispels some myths about providing choices to customers. While the lecture was a general one on how providing choices affect decision-making and sales, I will try to show how the general principles help a web designer / programmer improve his sales and customer satisfaction.

Some General Principles on Providing Choices

Before I mention how the presentation impacts the webmaster and programmer, let me briefly summarize some of the salient points from that talk. Note that what follows is my own interpretation of his message, with my own words and clarifications, based on a vague memory of a video of the talk and coloured by my experience running It is by no means a comprehensive summary but merely a distillation of the points pertinent to this discussion.

  • When Customers Have More Choices, They Buy Less

    Many of us labour (“labor” in US English) under the impression that providing customers with a wide selection of products of a certain type increases

Adding Firewalls to Your WordPress Site

Many of us have heard of “firewalls” in terms of hardware or software, and how they protect an asset like a network or a computer from external attack. Well, a web application isn’t exempt from the list of “assets” that one may need to protect when working (or playing) on the Internet.

Essentially, what a WordPress firewall will do is protect the WordPress installation (and in most cases all added files) from 3rd party attack. The software will filter any commands before reaching any executable script in order to ensure integrity. Mostly this involves adding commands to the .htaccess file which is processed before any scripts (including PHP scripts).

There are plugins available that allow you to decide on the various layers of protection that you desire. This is done through a graphical interface in the WordPress dashboard making it so you do not need to understand any complex commands. You simply make your changes using an interface most WordPress users are familiar with and the software will “write” the commands for you.

This is often done in stages because the protection can sometimes block desired commands.

Basic Firewall Protection:

At a minimum

How to Effectively Use the Color Red On Your Web Site

This article  is a continuation of the color, theme and design tips article series that I have been covering on this site. You may want to read the following two articles first (if you haven’t done so already)

  • Color psychology and how it affects your site
  • Color theory tips

In this article I talk about designing with the color RED and how to effectively use it on your site. I will cover the following topics.

  • What the color red means and how it affects the viewer both positively and negatively
  • Why you should use the color red
  • Examples on how to use the color red effectively
  • Best site to use the color red for.

Red is a very bold and powerful color. You can use red to evoke an array of emotions depending on the context the color is used in. Red represents the most physical color in the color spectrum.

First I will start with a little information on how color is perceived and recognized.

Color recognition and perception is based on learned information from a multitude of sources:

  • Individual
  • Experienced
  • Social
  • Cultural traditions
  • Environmental surroundings
  • Formal teaching

Each person perceives color differently and this perception depends on the associations the brain has

How to Check Your Website with Multiple Browsers on a Single Machine

We all know the importance of checking our web pages with multiple browsers, especially when we are designing a new layout for a website. This is the case even if we are writing validated standards-compliant code. The number of extant browsers we need to check with are enormous: Internet Explorer (“IE”) 6 to 11, the current version of Firefox, the current version of Chrome (or Vivaldi, which uses the same code), the current version of Safari, and so on. And then there are the different platforms: Windows, Macintosh (Mac), Linux, etc. The problem for most people is that multiple versions of certain browsers cannot co-exist with each other, the most notable example of this is IE for Windows. Unless you happened to have multiple computers, this presents a certain difficulty for the average webmaster. This article suggests some ways for you to run multiple versions of multiple browsers on one computer.

Note that this article is written primarily from the point of view of a person using Windows (the majority of people reading this article), although it does address the issue of Mac browsers and Linux browsers as well.

Firefox and Seamonkey

It’s possible for

A Cloud With a Silk Lining and The Kindle Fire

When Amazon launched the Kindle Fire recently you could be excused if your initial thoughts were whether we really need another mobile tablet device on the market.

However, when the features and capabilities were revealed it quickly became apparent that this is not just another tablet device akin to the very popular iPad or the other alternatives such as the Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

The Kindle Fire has something within its browsing capabilities which the other tablets don’t have by default. I’m referring specifically to the new web browser by Amazon, called Silk.

The Silk web browser differs from most of the standard browsers in one major aspect – Silk exploits the cloud computing concept by leveraging most of the grunt and processing capabilities off the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

This means that instead of performing all of the processing on-board to display web content, the Kindle browser leaves most of that task to the Amazon servers which live in its cloud network. Hence, given today’s sophisticated and large amounts of web data, the cloud model offers huge benefits in performance and delivery.

(Note: This cloud architecture is not unique to the Silk browser and has actually

How to Test Your Website Under Different Screen Resolutions under Windows the Easy Way

There are many methods available to test a web page under different screen resolutions. This article describes an easy-to-use method for Windows users that does not require you to actually switch resolutions.

I find that the more complicated it is to test under various conditions, the less likely that webmasters will actually do such testing, no matter what they read on or elsewhere. As such, the method I describe here is really the most painless way I’ve found (so far) to test a page under different resolutions in different browsers.

Why Test Under Different Screen Resolutions?

It’s generally a good idea to test your web page under the commonly used screen resolutions so that you can be sure that your page is usable under the different resolutions. If you have a multi-column layout, you may also want to check that your columns align correctly and are still viewable when your visitor has a lower resolution than you have.

List of Some Computer and Mobile Phone Resolutions to Test Under

Here are some of the computer screen resolutions under which I check my sites.

  1. 640×480
  2. 800×600
  3. 1024×768
  4. 1280×800
  5. 1366×768
  6. 1400×900
  7. 1680×1050

Nowadays, I also test’s pages

CSS Tweaks for The WordPress Download Monitor Plugin

I will share a few CSS tweaks for the download monitor plugin in this tutorial (a few users have asked for it).

You should use the Custom CSS plugin to insert these CSS tweaks in your site if you want to use it.

The following code examples will give you a really good idea of how to go about making these changes/tweaks. You may need to tweak it a little depending on the WordPress theme you are using.

Bigger Thumbnail Image for Fancy 1 Template

Add the following CSS code to make the thumbnail size 150 x 150.

width: 150px !important;
height: 150px !important;

You can use any number value you want instead of 150.

Hide Download Count Value in Fancy 1 Template

Add the following CSS code to hide the download counter value of the item:

.sdm_download_item .sdm_download_item_count{
display: none;

Make the Download Item Title Larger

Add the following CSS code to make the download item title bigger

.sdm_download_item .sdm_download_title{
font-size: 32px;

Use a Background Color for the Download Display

Add the following CSS code to use a grey background color:

.sdm_download_item {
    background-color: grey;

Make the Download Now Button Huge